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The Royal Vintage Memory Foam Mattress



The Royal vintage memory foam mattress is a combination of memory foam and micro pocketed springs.

The top layer  NASA technology Viscoelastic Memory Foam forms the topmost layer of the mattress. It provides a free float effect, by conforming to the body shape, eliminating strain and maintaining healthy blood circulation. It also ensures correct sleeping posture while improving blood circulation as the mattress distributes body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and enabling deep sleep. Memory foam was developed under a NASA contract a few decades ago, to provide better airline seat cushioning.

The second layer Micro pocket spring arrangement has several advantages. They conform to the shape of the body, preventing concentrated pressure points, thus maintaining steady blood circulation. This reduces tossing and turning to a large extent. These pockets also absorb weight & compress independently. Hence, if one person changes sides, it will not disturb the other person on the mattress. The mattress comes with foam wall Technology for a superior edge.



The royal vintage memory foam mattress comes in three styles:

  1. Pillow Top
  2. Euro Top
  3. Box Top


Pillow Top

Pillow top A pillow top mattress is just as the name describes, a mattress with an extra pillow-like layer on one or both sides. This extra layer is added to improve the softness and comfort of the mattress. This layer is stitched to the top of the mattress so that it provides uniform and adequate comfort throughout the mattress.


Euro Top Mattress

A euro top mattress, while similar to the pillow top has one significant design difference. Instead of the pillow layer looking like it’s sitting on top (and separate from) the mattress, the pillow layer in a euro top mattress is stitched flush with the edge of the mattress so it looks like an extra layer attached to the top of the mattress. This creates a uniform appearance and makes all of the layers look as if they are one piece.


Box Top Mattresses

Box top mattresses are similar to pillow top mattresses as they also have a visibly evident extra layer of cushioning that is attached to the main body of the mattress. Although similar, the difference between the two lies in the design of the extra layer. Box top mattresses have more of a squared off finish than their pillow top counterparts which matches the dimension of the rest of the mattress much more closely. The advantage of this is that more of the mattresses sleeping area can be used.

Metron Royal Vintage memory foam mattress
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