Roll Pack Mattress (Flexi Bed)

Roll Pack Mattress (fLEXI BED)



All our Flexi Bed Mattresses are delivery rolled (unless specified otherwise). A rolled mattress still delivers superior comfort and support night after night, whilst having the added benefit of being easy to transport into your bedroom.


For transportation purposes, we can roll pack synthetic latex or memory foam mattresses. They are rolled and compressed using a vacuum to suck out the air. Rather than using a vacuum, we use an innovative compressor machine which compresses the mattress as it is being rolled.


Your Flexi bed mattress is compressed to approximately 25% of its original size using our manufacturing machinery. Our manufacturing process is carefully tested to ensure that absolutely no damage is caused during compression.


Roll pack mattress unique features gives:

  • Easy to transport from one place to another.
  • Roll packing doesn’t damage the comfort and support properties off mattresses.
  • It also opens the cell of the inner block while rolling, which increase the comfort.
  • Made with a different multilayer of special comfort layers.
  • It comes with a zipper outer cover which can be dry clean.
  • When vacuum packed mattress is bloomed, it gives more confidence about the durability.
  • Improves the performance of your mattress.many more….

Note: We would not, however, recommend keeping your mattress rolled for longer than a two month period, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of a product which has been rolled for longer than this. Please also be reminded that we urge you to check over your product as soon as you receive it so that you have the opportunity to contact us should there be any discrepancies.


Metron Roll pack Mattress