Perfect Posture Mattress (Multi-zone)

Perfect Posture Mattress (Micro multi-zone pocketed spring mattress):

The perfect posture bed’s unique system contours and dynamically adjusts to your body shape and movements at night. Its revolutionary design is flexible enough to let your shoulders and hip sink in, yet resilient enough to rise up and support your lower back. In Perfect Posture Mattress, your spine rests in a natural relaxed position so your muscle can heal and restore themselves at night.

Metron’s ergonomics and sleep science expertise 5DS SYSTEM H1

UNX SPRING Zone 5lined, the ideal spring system for the sleeping pattern. It provides more comfortable and easy cushioning to the body with sensitive response to each body part’s weight

The most suitable spring system for “S-line spine”. UNX SPRING 3DS section, the area where waste, buttocks, and thighs are laid with heaviest body pressure. It needs better resilience and restoration cushioning to our body. Perfect posture gives tight and conforming support for this special section with much more tightly embedded springs


As everyone is different People have different body types, therefore mattresses should be designed to a different standard. With an accumulated technology and know-how of METRON, the company sets ideal standards for restoring physical and mental energy and having a comfortable sleep by analyzing various sleep patterns to produce mattresses suitable for diverse levels of elasticity and body types.

Perfect posture micro multi-zone pocketed spring is available in three styles



  1. Tight top
  2. Pillowtop
  3. Euro top

It is made up of unique plus breathable knitted fabric.

It has breathable side walls.

It has special synthetic latex layers which make comfort better.

It is more supportive than the conventional pocketed spring mattress.

Having a very good life.

It has a unique zero disturbance property.

Each spring is free to respond to individual pressure in relation to the weight placed upon it, leading support in contouring the body shape.