Nano spring pillows

Nano Spring pillows



The Nano Spring Pillows is the only pocket-coil pillow that perfectly adapts to the weight and movement of the head during sleep; accomplishing a perfect alignment between head, body, and spine, avoiding the muscles stress and the morning soreness.


The Interactive Smart Pillow helps you Sleep Better,


Thanks to its unique active contour system, the nano pocketed coil spring pillow instantly adapts to any weight, shape, movement. It is as though every person has a custom designed pillow. Inside an average size, spring pocketed spring coil pillow there are approximately 12 liters of air. with every slight pressure of the head, warm air will flow out, taking away heat and moisture. And every time pressure is released, fresh air will gently flow in.


An ideal microclimate is thus created around head and face, preventing overheating and increased heartbeat, for an excellent sleep quality.