Memory foam Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow

Metron ventilated pin hole Memory foam temper Pillow – is the perfect choice to give you that added comfort when you sleep in your bed. The Indian traditional shaped pinhole ventilated memory foam pillow lovingly cradles your head and also reduces tension in your body after a whole days work. Apart from providing comfort, the memory foam pillow also aids in proper spinal alignment while you sleep. This feature is encouraged by the Indian traditional shape and the standard size of this pillow. Bring home the memory foam pillow and enjoy rejuvenating relaxed sleep everyday comes with breathable removable zipper cover.



Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows


  • Prevents cricks in your neck- The dense material of a memory foam pillow prevents your neck from bending in awkward directions. This is why they are great to use when travelling.
  • Keeps your spine aligned- As the memory foam pillow prevents your neck from bending, it allows your spine to remain aligned.
  • Moulds to the shape of your head – Memory foam pillows contour to the shape of your head, just as a memory foam mattress contours itself to your body.
  • Available in a variety of shapes- Memory foam pillows are available in a variety of shapes, which is convenient because the type of pillow needed will vary based upon your sleeping position
  • No adjusting- Memory foam does not require flipping, fluffing, or any of the adjustments of a regular pillow, as it will retain its shape and size.
  • Memory foam pillows are available in different sizes or shapes
  • Reduces snoring- Regular pillows tilt your head upwards, causing air passages to close. However, memory foam pillows contour to your neck, allowing your air passages to remain open.
metron memory foam pilow