Exclusive foldable mattresses

Exclusive foldable mattress:



Smart bed/Soft bed/Smart bed pillow top.


Smart bed foldable single top mattress is very special and unique mattress.

In Indian culture, we generally use box (storage) beds. And on those beds, if we use one single big mattress, it is very difficult to handle while using storage.

Smart bed unique mattress Folding design gives:

  • Join free top surface
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to use boxes in beds.
  • Gives very beautiful looks to the bed sheet.
  • Suitable for the needs of the city urban living environment.
  • The special fabric is used for the product, with wear-resistance and comfort.
  • Can be used both side and enjoy different firmness like regular mattresses.
  • The pillow top extra layer adds more comfort in life (optional).

Smart bed foldable model comes in three styles.

  • Smart bed foldable single top mattress

Smart bed foldable single top mattress comes in semi-soft firmness.


  • Soft bed Foldable single top mattress

Soft bed foldable single top mattress comes in soft firmness.


  • Smart bed pillow tops foldable single top mattress.

Smart bed pillow top foldable single top mattress comes in semi-soft firmness with extra comfort layer.

Foldable Mattress Metron
Metron Foldable Mattress

We bring you the inspiration of happiness



Metron aspires to make the mattress that does not only help us rest comfortably but also enable all sorts of happiness to begin. We believe many good things in life happen in bed. Telling our child a bed time story, having a good rest, pillow talking, and many an intimate moment, all take place on the mattress, and we could inspire you to find that happiness in life. Our mattress is, without a doubt, the most advanced mattress available in the world market and brings us sleep to a new level.


The Folding Design: Easy to use boxes in box beds, joint free top comfort surface, suitable for the Needs of the city urban living environment the detachable pillow top extra layer is also available on request which Adds more comfort in life.