METRON Baby Soft Crib Wedge Pillow Anti Vomiting Helps in Digestion Sleeping Inclined Newborn Nasal Congestion &Acid Reflux

METRON Baby Soft Crib Wedge Pillow Anti Vomiting Helps in Digestion Sleeping Inclined Newborn Nasal Congestion &Acid Reflux
  • IMPROVES DIGESTION, HELPS IN BREATHING & ACID REFLUX OR FROM VOMITING – METRON Baby Crib Wedge was designed with a safe 12-degree incline, which helps improve sleep by elevating your baby’s head and torso. It helps babies from Acid reflux or GERD problem. Also helps in breathing or nasal congestion.
  • SOFT COMFORT & SUPPORTIVE- With our premium special grade of medical foam you know your child will have a safe, sound and comfortable sleep, with the luxury of special soft bounce and supportive foam you know your child will be sleeping well. No BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and PBDEs (flame retardants)
  • SAFETY FIRST – Your baby’s safety is always our top priority – not only does it have a safe 12-degree incline, but it also meets and exceeds all safety regulations
  • SPECIAL ANTI SLIP BREATHABLE TOP – The special ergonomically designed to have many air channels which not only keeps your baby pillow odor free but also keeps it cool. Through Channels air circulates properly. Anti slips top gives a good grip to your baby
  • SPECIAL HYPOALLERGENIC SOFT DRYFIT FABRIC: The Metron Crib Wedge pillow is covered with special soft breathable hypoallergenic Cool Grey fabric

Introducing Metron Crib Wedge  Designed for versatility and portability, it fits all standard cribs and nursery beds. Recommended by Paediatricians, the baby crib wedge for reflux at 12-degree incline gently elevates baby’s head and torso to help reduce acid reflux and spit-ups for a sound and better night’s sleep 100% free of BPA, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde and PBDEs (flame retardants) o Premium luxurious comfort with special soft supportive material on the outer cover that is odor, stain, mold and bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic o Easy-to-clean multithread over lock sewn-on special soft dry fit fabric cover from baby drooling, spit-up and diaper leaks o Conveniently wedge which makes for travel and storage seamless and easy Premium-Quality Designed Foam and Covers: The highest quality foam and covers in the market, it offers long-term use that hold its shape while reaping the benefits of safety and comfort. It is tested and proven for its premium quality of firmness and design. Installation Instructions: Place the wedge at the head side of your baby’s bed/crib mattress. Cover both the wedge and mattress with a fitted sheet. The wedge can be placed underneath the bed/crib mattress. Look no further, you have found the #1 Brand for your baby. Change your baby’s life today, without delay. Add the Merton Crib Wedge to your cart or registry today and your baby will be sleeping without you even knowing. Practical and beautiful gift-giving present.