Duvets & Quilts

Duvets & Quilts



Cuddle up and add extra comfort to your bedding with our duvets & quilts that are the perfect fill for all season long. With selected plush & soft fill, you will get your best night’s sleep-ever.


Snuggling under warm comforter at night is one of the true pleasures of winter. The right bed topper also makes a focal point for your bedroom. The two most popular types are the duvet and a quilt. Which works best?

Each has its pros and cons. You decide which works best for your needs:

What’s the difference between a quilt and blanket, duvet and comforter?


Duvet blankets:

Duvet blankets are a soft flat bag filled with feathers or synthetic material. Duvets are used with duvet covers so that the blankets do not get spoilt more often.



Quilts traditionally are composed of three layers: woven cloth top, layer of batting and woven back.



Comforters are filled with synthetic material, silk or wool and are quilted or stitched, making the layers of the material even.


  1. Quilts, if made with 100% cotton (both outside cover and inside fill) can be very lightweight yet warm. Just right use for spring and fall season! Also excellent for use with kids as cotton ensures no allergies and washing is super easy too. And, if the quilts have pattern or motifs, they act as a great coverlet to bed and refresh a bedroom or guest bedroom.
  2. Duvet: Though aptly explained in answers below, here are my 2 cents. Duvet and Comforter are often used interchangeably. If you have an expensive Down Duvet or one that you love, use a Duvet Cover. It will protect the expensive duvet for a long life plus the duvet cover can be removed and washed in machine easily. Washing a duvet could depend on its make – it could be dry clean or if machine washable, given its size it would need a larger machine. Some duvet covers have a reverse too, so you can get 2 looks for the price of one.

Difference Between Quilt and Blanket


A quilt is a combination of different layers filled with cotton or fiber. These are usually thicker and heavier than blankets and used to stay warm in winters. The padding in the quilts is kept in place with lines of stitches made in different patterns and designs.

The blanket is also used to stay warm, but it is usually a single layer bed covering made from the woolen material. These are thicker than bed sheets, but not like quilts.


Difference Between Duvet and Comforter


The comforter is also a thick bed spread like a quilt. The differences between quilt and comforter are the fabric, patterns, and stuffing. Comforters are filled with polyester batting, down feathers, wool or silk. You can easily wash these with other bedding items.

Duvet is a bedding filled with down feathers, wool or fiber. It is more like a pillow with covers. Though you can also get designer duvets without covers, these are generally used with covers for easy maintenance and care. Unlike comforters, these don’t have multiple layers.

How is it made


Quilts are made using three layers of fabric material. The topmost layer is the woven cloth, followed by a middle layer of batting and finished with a third woven layer. All three layers are stitched securely together.


Duvets are flat bags made of fabric and filled with synthetic material, feathers or down. The bag is then slipped inside an outer casing called the duvet cover. This makes it simple to wash the cover, much like a pillowcase. The cover acts as a sheet, so you can use them alone on the bed. The best type is constructed so that the filling inside can’t shift.