Duratuff eurotop mattress




Duratuff is a dual comfort mattress. It is a combination of super bond slab and special soft thick layer. It is soft and bounce on one side and on other side it is firm and orthopedic to support back. Duratuff is eurotop mattresses this is crafted to provide the most comfortable, relaxing and luxurious sleep. Additional advance layer of high resilience comfort layer provides the right amount of support to every part of body, which improves blood circulation at the shoulders, arms, hips, this upper layer of comfort Upholstery is joined to the mattress, tailored meticulously by craft man, providing a more expansive sleeping surface with no crowing, eliminating a sensations of roll off.




Platina is an ultimate luxurious mattress for blissful sleep. It can be used be unique composition, anti-sagging, soft bounce plus technology, retains its original shape and give long lasting comfort. It has advance airing system design. Its superior Jacquard tapestry in attractive Indian liking colors. It has all side quilting in beautiful patterns and its luxurious plush thick quilt looks make it the first choice for sleep connoisseurs.




If you have a “bad-back” or have been told by a doctor that you need a firmer mattress, then Spino is the product place to start. We specialize in firm and orthopedically correct beds. No matter what the mattress companies advertise. The basics remain the same. The weight of the human body is carried by the spine. It has a natural “s” shape, unless excess weight, injuries or poor posture forces it “out of alignment”. When we sleep our brains and bodies repair themselves. When your body weight is not supported properly by a good mattress, back problems can worsen. Truly orthopedic mattress sets are designed to support your spins, muscles and total body weight.