Contour Memory Foam Pillow


Contour memory foam pillows are designed to give you the most comfortable support possible. This pillow is made on worlds best German machine with the process of slab stock cutting. It is not a molded memory foam pillow. This is more comfortable and breathable comparative to conventionally molded memory foam pillows available in the market. Molded pillows have glossy skin on the top side. This provides maximum comfort to your neck and back and the pressure-relieving effects of our specialized designed pillows allow our neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely relieving and preventing neck pain for a most restful sleep.

  • Made from temperature and pressure sensitive viscoelastic high-grade memory foam
  • Supports the curvature of your head and neck
  • Perfect for back sleepers
  • Outer Cover is made of organic breathable and stretchable knitted fabric
Metron contour memory foam pillow.
METRON Contour Memory Foam Pillow