Bamboo charcoal mattress

Bamboo charcoal mattresses



We spent 1/3rd of our lifetime on the bed. Thus, the bad hygiene and sleep quality have a significant impact on our health. There are various pollutions that might be present in our bed or sleeping materials that will affect us every day. Our bamboo charcoal mattress, designed to help reduce the possible problems that could affect our sleep quality and health.


Bamboo charcoal mattresses are designed for comfort and improving sleep quality.


Using innovative technology, a thin layer of the bamboo charcoal layer is made to provide comfort. Compared to the conventional direct bamboo charcoal application. Our bedding products are made using the highest grade bamboo charcoal material.


It is highly recommended for maintaining a healthy body and bed hygiene!


Bamboo charcoal prevents us from Toxins, formaldehyde gases, Dust mite, Bacteria, and bad odors.

Bamboo charcoal mattress
Bamboo charcoal mattress Metron

Bamboo charcoal in mattress Promote metabolism and blood circulation- As it absorbs and emits far infrared rays, the far infrared radiation will promote blood circulation. Bamboo charcoal inserted in mattresses can make the user warm up faster. De-odorizing As bamboo charcoal absorbs gases and decomposes it to carbon dioxide and other harmless gases, absorb Odor. Insoles containing bamboo charcoal also reduces the odor well.


Bamboo charcoal mattress comes in two variants:

  • Bamboo charcoal spring mattress.
  • Bamboo charcoal firm mattress.


How Bamboo charcoal is made: Bamboo charcoal comes from pieces of bamboo plants, harvested after at least five years, and burned in ovens at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200 °C. It benefits environmental protection by reducing pollutant residue. It is an environmentally functional material featuring excellent absorption properties.



Benefits of Bamboo:


Sleepers should buy the firmest mattress available. Soft mattresses do not support the back like firm ones do, and will cause back pain the longer they sleep on it. Bamboo mattress covers are made of memory foam infused with activated bamboo charcoal, so the soft foam conforms to the body. However, support is paramount, so test them out.


Many sleepers aren’t aware that the chemicals used in mattresses (like fire retardants and formaldehyde). Their headaches, sinus troubles and medical problems with their organs are the direct results of breathing in and absorbing through the skin of these chemicals. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, which means the sleeper won’t be breathing in these toxic chemicals.